Crowdfunding made easy
Our powerful white-labelled SPONSOR PLATFORM™ is the complete turn-key solution you need to start your own local or global crowdfunding service.
You can even leave the customer service, screening and editorial tasks to our experienced and highly qualified team.
Platform features
Our world-leading SPONSOR PLATFORM™ has been in operation since early 2014 and are constantly being upgraded with new features. We try to always be in front and listen to our customers and users need.
Customized design
Customize our built-in frontend client, responsive and optimized for all platforms, including desktop, mobile and tablets, or develop and operate your own portal using our simple API.
Your own setup
You can at any time change your service settings and parameters. Maybe increase your revenue share? Or time to accept a new currency? You decide - real time!
Our built-in client supports both RTL and LTR languages, such as English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian, amongst others.
We promise you easy integration of any currency, including as EUR, USD, GBP, NOK, DKK, SEK, and many more.
Multiple payment methods
Accept payments from all around the world. We currently support bank wire transfer, credit and debit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, amongst others.
All transactions transferred directly to your bank account and in accordance with local financial regulations, reciepts and reports.
Multiple payout methods
Transfer collected money back to campaigners in various ways, including bank wire transfer, PayPal and Western Union.
Vouchers and gift cards
Visitors may buy pre- and post paid gift cards and vouchers, which can be used on any campaign.
Recurring payment
Makes it possible for sponsors to support a campaign more than once by monthly automatic withdraws.
User verification
Users may sign up and log on in various ways; by e-mail, by text message or through Facebook, Twitter and other social medias.
Campaign editor
Offer campaigners a user-friendly step-by-step editor to create and edit campaigns, including text, links, photos, videos and givebacks.
Through a user-friendly interface sponsors can keep track on their givebacks and which sponsors who have received what.
Simple and fast upload of photo and video makes campaigns and blogs more interesting and «alive».
Blog network
Generate a lot more traffic to your service by offer campaigners and visitors blog functionality.
Users may share campaigns, contributions, blogs and blog posts through e-mail and a wide range of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. In addition, they may embed campaigns on their website and blogs using simple HTML-code.
Simple and fast search and filter functionality makes it easy to find campaigns and blogs by various parameters.
Users and administrators can create their own lists of favorite campaigns and blogs and share them with friends and familiy.
Top lists
The platform includes a wide range of «Top 10s», including most popular, latest campaigns, amongst many others.
Keep your visitors, sponsors and campaigners up-to-date by offering them HTML-based newsletters.
All usage, demographics and transactions are registered and available to campaigners and administrators.
Administration tool
The level-based management tool provides your administrators a real-time dashboard. Further, the tool provides a wide range of reports and all the functionality you need to perform screening of users, campaigns, blogs and blog posts, sponsors, payments and payouts.
Support Ticket System
All inquiries can routed directly through your administration tool, in addition to your connected e-mail account.
Affiliate program
Allow affiliates to drive traffic to your service by offering a transparent interface and variable revenue share.
Developer program
Let third party developers have the opportunity to develop their own applications based on data from the service.
Our well-documented API makes it easy for your technical team to pull out data or even develop clients themself.
Auto follow up emails
Make sure campaigners, bloggers and sponsors perform their best by sending them explanatory e-mails at various events.
SSL secured environment, in addition to checksums makes the platform in line with current security responsibility.
Do not let your success be your worst enemy. Our platform will be scaled according to your traffic. We promise up to 99.9% uptime.
We continuously makes backup of all data, including database, photos and videos.
And more...
The SPONSOR PLATFORM™ includes a variety of additional features, but we simply do not have enough space to mention them all.
Additional services
Operating a crowdfunding service and keep it up-to-date, safe and profitable is hard-work. Our team have tons of experience when it comes to professional customer service, efficient and trustful screening, and leading editorial work.
Customer service
We have been operating crowdfunding services for several years and can answer all inquiries in a fast, efficient and professional manner.
Always make sure the campaigns and the people behind them are real and trustful. Let us assure you and your users that the service is safe and free of fraud and money laundering.
Attract new and old users by keeping your service «alive» at anytime. We may help you promote and recommend campaigns and blogs both on your service and in social medias.
In need of extraordinary features? Do not worry. We are always interested in improving our platform and your service, keeping them world-leading.
Interested in entering the fintech and crowdfunding industry? We can help you getting started and even provide the entire platform and administration. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team if you have questions or need for further information, pricing and API access.
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